Meet Mini

It became clear to me that Cooper was missing Rosie tremendously.  What choice did I have but to find him a little girl dog?

Meet Mini.  She picked me out at the shelter in Yuma.

Mini – Feb 2017

Spamela Sewiepig™

A few months ago I learned of and rescued Spamela Sewiepig™.  She was placed in service to protect us from any unpleasant mishaps from the darker side of RVing.  Through all kinds of weather, she has steadfastly performed her duty working tirelessly 24/7 with neither compensation nor complaint.

I began to notice, however, people would often stop dead in their tracks pointing and laughing at her.  I couldn’t imagine why they would joke about such a hard-working, albeit somewhat Rubenesque young lady, when it finally dawned on me…good grief, she is naked!  How could I have been so thoughtless?  So, I wasted no time in ordering her some appropriate attire.


On Valentine’s Day she came inside for a spa/makeover day.

Cleaned & polished from snout to spout and decked out in a lovely floral sundress with a toile accent and string of pearls, she is the picture of loveliness.  Her darling sunglasses & lush eyelashes complete the look while protecting her beady little eyes from the relentless Arizona sun.


Although people still stop, point & laugh (I even caught a few taking pictures), now it is clearly due to rocking her frock!

I will be shopping for warmer, wetter weather clothes as we begin to make our way north in a few weeks.  Stay tuned…she loves a good photo op.  What a ham!

Campbell Cove RV Park – LHC

Certainly not the worst place we could have spent two weeks but a bit spendy.  Grounds were very well maintained, everything clean & in working order. Space between rigs left a lot to be desired.  No real good place for our walks or for Coop to poop.

We chose the “premium” site so no one in front of us and a bit of a yard to call our own.

Moving On

Today we bid farewell to beautiful Windsor Beach at Lake Havasu State Park.  We will return!

Because my co-pilot has been under the weather we delayed our journey further south for a couple weeks in order to stay close to the vet. 





Jan. 1 we will be moving to Ehrenberg for a month. Close enough to Quartzsite to visit the festivities while enjoying the amenities of a park with full hook ups. In the meantime, we are crammed in a parking lot behind a gas station albeit with a decent view of the lake.  It’s not always glamorous.  😀 

December 1, 2016

Coming to a close on my stay in BHC.  Not looking forward to moving but will take a couple of moves to resettle in Yuma (maybe).  If not thrilled with Yuma, will head towards NM and/or TX although I would like to be in Quartzsite sometime in January.
Going to miss the cheap rent, that’s for sure.  Also, since I know my way around now, kind of hate to leave.  And, the temps are AWESOME if not slightly cold at night.  60’s – lo 70’s during the day and sun, sun, SUN!
Seriously?  My daughter is 45?  How the hell did that happen?

Othello, WA

I have quickly learned that moving every few days isn’t going to work for me.  I need to settle for a time, stay long enough to get bored with my location, and then move on.  More gypsy than vagabond.

That being said, I haven’t traveled very far.  In fact I haven’t made it out of Washington.  But, hey, you can’t beat the weather here at Potholes.  And, this park…?  Crazy huge sites with a storage shed; no trains, planes, automobiles or kids.  Absolute, completely quiet evenings.  Doesn’t get much better than this.  So I’m staying put for a few weeks while I hatch my next move.

Since July I’ve been a week in Hoodsport, a week in Westport, a week in Ilwaco, a week back in Kent, two weeks in CleElum, three days in Leavenworth and here since the first of the month.